Camping Essentials


With summer officially being here, so is the best season for camping.

Camping under a million stars, with the wind in the trees and snow capped mountain tops is a very romantic perception. And it definitely can be. I experienced both the best sleep ever in the mountains as well as nights where I simply couldn’t fall asleep due to rocks under my sleeping bag, cold feet, a leaking tent, as well as a fox and a cat jumping on the tent (true story).

I am by no means the most experienced mountaineering person. However, one thing I’ve learned is that some items make sleeping in the mountains and camping in general a lot more energizing, easier and more enjoyable.

Long story short, here are my camping essentials. I’ve listed and linked the items that I use, as well as alternatives to them if I know of any good ones.


Let’s start with what I personally think is most important:

A good and warm sleeping bag.

I am a very cold sleeper and even during summer I like to bring a sleeping bag that does it’s job and keeps me warm and toasty while dreaming of new adventures.

The Marmot Angel Fire Sleeping bag is a women's specific cut, but I’ve had one of my guy friends borrow it once and he said it was the comfiest thing ever.

Comes in two sizes, is filled with down and weights around 1200g.

A slightly less expensive alternative one of my friends owns and really likes

I also use a compression sack to minimize the space it takes up in my bag or suitcase.


Next up: a sleeping pad. I used to think that they are unnecessary and just slept on my blanket during my first year of camping.

Don’t make the same mistake. Do yourself a favor and float on a sleeping pad. Not only are they comfortable, but they also keep the cold from the ground away from your body. There are many options on the market but I found an inflatable sleeping pad to be best for me.

After a lot of research and trying it in store, I decided to go for the NeoAir Xlite by Thermarest

Packs super small and is very lightweight. Definitely keeps the cold away from you. That being said it is a little pricey, so here are two options that are a little more affordable.

Trek 700 Air Mattress
Sea to Summit Ultralight Mattress

Time for a shelter to keep you save from rain and wind, because even if the weather report stated sunshine and butterflies, that can change in an instant.

My number one choice when it comes to tents is the very popular MSR Hubba Hubba NX. It’s very easy and fast to set up, has kept me save in strong winds and rain, packs light and small.

I haven’t found anything better yet so right now I can’t suggest another tent. A lot of companies do make tents like this one these days, so I really recommend to go to an outdoor store and see what works best for you.

Now that you have something to sleep in, let’s have a look at how to prepare hot food fast.

There are a lot of camping stoves on the marked and I’ve only ever tried two different ones and can fully recommend them.

First up the Optimus Crux Weekend HE set. Boils water very fast, packs practically and comes with a little pot and a pan. My first cooking stove. Loved it, but had to replace it this year.

Right now I use the Jetboil MiniMo and have to say I do like it a lot better than my old Camping Stove.

It boils a little faster, feels more stable AAAAND you don’t need an extra lighter for it. All you need to do is to push a little button and poof you made fire. I simply love this thing.

Hiking backpacks!

Here are some I have tested and can recommend:

Some additional items which I think are worth mentioning:

  • A spork. Sounds like a Pokemon but is just a spoon and a fork in one. I find this very useful and bring it with me everywhere I go even if I’m not camping.

  • A headlamp (because your phone lamp does not replace some proper light). Many options are on the marked and the I’ve tested them from from 10-100€. Right now I use this one by Black Diamond and really like it so far.

  • A Swiss knife. Very practical when you suddenly need to open something, sharpen a stick for marshmallows, cut bred or an apple. Endless possibilities and good to have.

  • No matter how warm you think it is going to be: bring an extra pair of socks and some gloves. It can get really chilly in the morning.

Hope you enjoyed this and have fun on your upcoming camping adventures!