Finland: The ultimate Winter Destination


This winter I really wanted to return to my favorite winter destination, so I did.

Here is what three weeks of Lapland looked like, hopefully it inspires you to put it on your bucket list. Because Finland is a Dream.
This Blog post is not sponsored, just sharing my experiences in this beautiful country.


Ruka Kuusamo
Easy to get to, as they have their own airport which is only a 20min drive from the town. Finland is easiest to travel by car, so rent one and make sure they have the studded wheels, they help a lot when driving on icy roads.
Places to Visit:
- Lammintupa Winter Village (Husky rides and really good coffee + snacks)
- Oulanka National Park (Snow shoeing, winter walking)
- Riisitunturi National Park: during winter the trees collect a slot of snow which creates all kinds of forms and makes the place look like a winter fairy tale. A guided tour with Skin Skiis with Outdoor Passion Finland will give you the best experience


Highlight: Salla - In the middle of nowhere.
Escape the noise and crowds for an authentic lappish feeling
The small village which is only a 90mins drive from Ruka offers great variety and all almost all activities are run by locals. The guides have stories to tell and wisdom to share.

My favorite thing to do there was visiting the Salla Reindeer Park because they care extremely well for their animals. If you decide to do sledding, each passenger has it’s own reindeer. The sleds are not attached to each other so the reindeer can chose their own speed.
They also offer trips at night time. If the weather is right you might be lucky enough to see some northern lights.
Besides that: who doesn't want to feed a cute little reindeer some leaves and moss?

What else? Snowmobiling should be on everybody’s list who comes to Salla, because it’s just extremely fun.

If you’re into skiing and/or snowboarding: you’re covered too.
They have a nice ski hill with an amazing restaurant at the bottom (it’s called Keloravintola and they make all kinds of comfort food for an affordable price).


the northern lights

..should be on your list when you make it to Finland during winter. If the skies are clear at night, drive a little away from the cities and watch the aurora dance across the sky.

What else should you not be missing out on?
- have local food, they seriously do know how to make incredible fish and reindeer meals.
- enjoy the silence while being around an amazing, frozen landscape. Bring a hammock and just relax.
- it’s cold outside (we are talking at least -20 degrees Celsius)? Then boil up some water, put it in a thermoflask and throw the water into the air. Great fun for sure, just be careful. ;)


Cold outside?

…we are talking at least -20 degrees Celsius.
Then boil up some water, put it in a thermoflask and throw the water into the air.
Great fun for sure.

The three weeks in Finland would not have been as amazing as they were without an amazing company.
Happy frozen faces featuring (from left to right) @ryanresatka, @braybraywoowoo and @karl_shakur, @evolumina